Esna Officelinx Messaging

Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday

Every second of your time counts, so why waste it? With Esna Officelinx Messaging, you can be on your way to faster and more effective internal and external communications.

Get more done through better and faster communication

We know your time is valuable, and that’s why we created Esna Officelinx Messaging. Esna Officelinx Messaging lets you access and manage voice messages and incoming faxes right from your email. Without leaving your inbox, you can listen to your messages right from your computer or smartphone, and with our speech-to-text transcription services you can simply read your messages.
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Esna embeds real time communications where you work

Make your voice messages actionable

Escalate any message to a real-time voice, chat or web meeting conference. You can even post and share messages on Google+ and Twitter.

Retire your old voice mail solution with ease

Let Esna help you to migrate your end-of-life or legacy voicemail platform with Esna Officelinx. Flatten, consolidate and simplify your messaging system and retire obsolete hardware for voice messaging, auto attendant, IVR, and call trees with a 100% software based solution.

Esna works with your existing phone system

Esna Officelinx is highly interoperable, scalable and secure. It supports any SIP or TDM based phone system and can work across multiple phone systems simultaneously. Whether your phone system is on-premise, in the cloud and a hybrid solution, Esna Officelinx provides everyone in your company with a seamless and easy communication experience.

Technical Fast Facts

  • Scales up to 2,000 ports and 20 voice servers
  • Can be implemented as SIP to SIP trunks and extensions, or SIP to TDM gateways
  • Distributed architecture over multiple servers ensures true active redundancy, massive scalability and disaster recovery
  • Leverages VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 to ensure scalable and always-available communication services
  • PBX independent and can integrate with over 250 traditional and IP-based phone systems either individually or simultaneously
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices