Sending and receiving documents via fax is still recognized as essential in business communications worldwide. Fax as a communication standard for global commerce is deeply entrenched and not going anywhere any time soon.

Replace Legacy Fax Machines with a Software-based Solution

Esna Officelinx Fax services provide direct SIP faxing with any PBX or IP PBX system, enabling you to send and receive fax messages anytime, anywhere right from your email. It resolves faxes over existing voice channels, eliminating the need for legacy fax machines, phone lines and resources needed to process faxes. This way, you can make the move away from traditional, siloed communication systems and plug into a seamless, IP-based environment.

Reduce costs

Lower CAPEX and OPEX costs by eliminating analog fax machines and drive long distance fax traffic over an IP network for best-cost-routing; eliminate maintenance costs associated with dedicated analog fax ports; and lower the cost of disaster readiness associated with fax technology.

Improve mobile collaboration

Fax services are available regardless of location or device being used, including smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Free up workspace

By consolidating fax servers in one central location, you will not only save on costs but also open up your workspace.

Save on time and increase productivity

Route faxes over existing voice channels, directly over DID or via SIP, and send faxes from any email client so important documents can be accessed and passed along in real time. Esna Officelinx Fax service automatically detects an incoming fax and directs it to either a specific or  generic mailbox.


Technical Facts

  • Esna Officelinx Fax services includes scalable support for T.38 and passthrough T.30 faxing, as well as support for up to 60 ports per Esna Officelinx voice node (simultaneous with Esna Officelinx voice ports; hardware considerations apply)
  • Supported on all Esna Officelinx platforms
  • Softfax (1-16 ports over SIP and T.30 over SIP
  • Share existing fax resources that are being used for fax messaging and fax-on-demand