There’s a reason conferencing is still one of most effective forms of communication; it is cost-efficient, simple to use and reliable. This tried and true communication tool is widely used across virtually every industry, from finance to healthcare to education. In other words, it should find a home within your own organization.

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Easy to use audio conferencing

Esna WeLink® Conferencing is an add-on service available for Esna’s family of Officelinx solutions. Esna WeLink makes it easy for you and your team to easily host or join collaborative audio conference meetings anytime, anywhere with the click of a button from your desktop or smartphone.

On-demand conference calls

Esna WeLink allows you to initiate on-demand conference calls right from any device - desk phone, softphone or smartphone. On-demand calls can accommodate up to 100 participants and 50 speakers, with the remaining 50 participants in “listen only” mode.

Dedicated dial in numbers for each user

WeLink’s Meet Me service provides each user with a dedicated conference space. Each room owners can also set up private rooms in each conference to conduct discussions outside of the main call. Meet Me conference calls can accommodate up to 100 participants with 50 speakers.

Moderator controlled calls

Esna WeLink Conferencing Auditoriums are ideal for moderator controlled calls. Esna WeLink Auditoriums accommodate up to 100 participants with 50 speakers. The moderator controls which participants can present, which helps to prevent participants from talking over each other and eliminates distracting background noises that may interfere with audibility.

Call recording/logging

Record entire conference calls and provide a detailed record of what was discussed. Esna WeLink gives you the ability to extract key pieces of information and glean insights from large group presentations, training sessions or customer calls. You can go back, listen to meeting notes and make your next gathering more effective and impactful.


Mobile Ready

Esna WeLink is one of a variety of real-time collaboration options found in Esna iLink Pro Mobile. Using Esna’s mobile client you can invite people and start an on-demand conference call right from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Users running Esna iLink Pro Mobile and Esna WeLink will also receive notifications on their smartphone when meeting participants have joined their call.


Technical Facts

Esna WeLink Conferencing can support multiple phone systems with different interfaces at the same time. Audio conferencing can be set up and configured to connect to multiple locations, delivering real-time conferencing to all locations. The Esna WeLink Conferencing server can run stand-alone on any Windows box or be loaded directly onto your existing Esna Officelinx platform.

  • Direct SIP trunking
  • Direct SIP extensions
  • SIP to Analog
  • SIP to T1/E1
  • SIP to digital set emulation (legacy systems)