Esna Officelinx Collaboration + iLink Pro

Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday

In today’s 24x7, always-on world, every second counts. Whether closing a sale, assisting a customer or engaging with a partner or teammate, you need to be readily accessible for when the unexpected happens.

Communicate in real time

Esna Officelinx Collaboration and our Esna iLink Pro web client give you easy access to voice and IM communications, presence, click-to-call, location sharing and other real time communication tools to keep you connected and productive. Our solution seamlessly embeds real time communications inside the CRM, email, social and other cloud applications you use to get work done.

Available anytime, anywhere

Esna Officelinx Collaboration keep you on top of everything, including where your team members are and their availability, so you can hone in on those deadline-driven projects and high priority tasks. But this is just a few of the many ways we can help you to get more done fast.

Esna delivers your voice messages and faxes inside the apps you work in everyday


See others’ availability, make and receive calls without ever having to leave Salesforce. Esna iLink Pro will even log your incoming calls and calls that you make automatically as activities for any contact, lead or opportunity.

Google Drive

Need to quickly discuss a document you’re working on with others? Instantly start a group chat, voice or video call from Google Drive or any Google Doc.

Google Hangouts

When inspiration strikes start a Hangout conversation without leaving the application you’re working in.

Chrome (or IE)

Esna iLink Pro follows you wherever you go on the web inside Chrome or Internet Explorer. Find something interesting? Simply click-to-share any web page with any team member. You can even start a voice, video or chat on one web page and keep the conversation going as you move to other pages.

Technical Fast Facts

  • Esna iLink Pro runs as a Chrome browser extension or Internet Explorer add on
  • Requires an Esna Officelinx Server