Esna iLink

Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday

Today’s professionals are nothing short of powerhouses, but employees can’t tap into their inner collaborative genius if they are stifled by antiquated, time-consuming communication processes. At Esna, we believe that employees don’t need to spend so much time to get critical tasks done.

Stay Connected to get work done fast

The Esna iLink family of solutions is unique in that they provide true seamless and embedded collaboration. These browser and mobile client solutions natively integrate with the applications you already use day in and day out so that you can stay connected and ultimately get work done faster.

Communicate and Collaborate inside the Apps you use everyday

Esna iLink easily integrates with today’s most popular cloud applications and communication platforms, including Salesforce, Google, Jive, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya, just to name a few. For example, Salesforce calendar integration makes it easy to schedule and start WebEx meetings without logging into WebEx. Or, you can collaborate in real-time by starting a group chat, voice or video call from right inside Google Drive or Google Docs.

Available anytime, anywhere

No matter which collaboration platform you leverage, you should be able to communicate from the applications you use every day, and you should be able to do so anywhere at any time. Working smart but simple is more than a motto at Esna; it’s a reality made possible by our powerful family of Esna iLink solutions.

Esna iLink Solutions

Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia Desktop
Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia Desktop simplifies scheduling Scopia meetings. Schedule and start Scopia meetings right from the applications you use day in and day out to get things done, like Google Apps and Salesforce. Easily add a Scopia meeting to any calendar event or start an instant meeting from any Web page or application with just a few clicks.

Esna iLink Pro Mobile
Esna iLink Pro Mobile seamlessly integrates your Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry smartphone with your company’s phone system, giving you the same unified communication services, presence and call control capabilities even when out of the office. With Esna iLink Pro Mobile you stay connected to your business and team while leveraging the convenience that comes with working on a mobile device.

Esna iLink for Cisco Jabber
Esna iLink for Cisco Jabber gives you the ability to collaborate with others without having to leave the application you’re working in. Easily access Cisco collaboration tools like Jabber voice, video, presence and IM—from any cloud-based application or Web page. Our solution seamlessly embeds real time communications inside the CRM, email, social and other cloud applications you use to get work done.

Esna iLink for WebEx
Esna iLink for WebEx makes it easy to book WebEx meetings right from Google Apps for Work and Salesforce. With Esna iLink for WebEx you can schedule and start WebEx meetings without ever leaving the cloud application you are working in.