Esna Cloudlink

Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday

You want your company to stand out from the rest: your sales team wants to come out on top; your marketing team wants to create that winning campaign; and your HR team wants to hire and maintain a top performing workforce. Bottom line: you want to be the best at what you do.

Communicate and collaborate inside the apps you use everyday

Esna takes pride in being one of a kind in the world of cloud collaboration with its family of Cloudlink solutions. Our cloud enabled software solutions embed real-time communications and collaboration solutions inside popular cloud applications that your teams use every day to get work done, like Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce.

Built for the cloud

Esna Cloudlink solutions offer you easy access to voice, video, instant messaging and presence from any Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. And because we natively integrate communication and collaboration tools inside today’s most popular enterprise applications, you never have to be tied down by the restrictions or limitations of traditional desktop software.

Available anytime, anywhere

Esna Cloudlink was created with your everyday collaboration need in mind. When innovation strikes, you have to be able to share your ideas with others regardless of where you are. We support remote and mobile users with the same communication experience as if you were right down the hall.

Esna Cloudlink Solutions

Esna Cloudlink for Cisco
Esna Cloudlink for Cisco is a unique collaboration solution that integrates Cisco messaging and Jabber collaboration tools inside the business applications you use every day to get work done. Esna Cloudlink for Cisco makes it easy for you to connect, communicate and collaborate with team members. With Esna Cloudlink for Cisco you can make voice and video calls, send instant messages, check presence and manage your voice messages without having to login and out of different applications. Now you can stay in the applications you're already working in and communicate in real time.

Esna Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence
Esna Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence seamlessly embeds the ability to schedule Cisco TMS resources from your Google and IBM Notes calendars. Esna Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence makes it easy to check TMS resource availability, book resources, and modify events. Everything you do inside your calendar is automatically synchronized with Cisco’s TelePresence event scheduler.