Providing great customer service means having thorough knowledge of your product, the ability to resolve issues quickly, and being able to help customers make the best choices for them.

Resolve issues fast

Whether your team works in a contact center or in the field, the ability to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately is crucial. With presence, instant messaging and location sharing, Esna makes it easy for team members to find one another when they need them the most.

Keep track of your field teams

Keep close contact with your field service teams and better manage schedule changes with real-time awareness and communication tools. With Esna you can close scheduling gaps, respond to customer issues faster and keep your field team more productive throughout the day.

Share knowledge quickly and cost effectively

Ensure that your service and field teams are always up-to-date with the latest product and service information by quickly delivering knowledge anywhere in the world, without the hassle and cost of travel, using real-time voice and video collaboration.

Get more done fast

Esna enables you to access unified and real-time communication tools like voice, video, chat and unified messaging inside the customer service, productivity and email apps you use everyday to help you get your work done fast.

What we offer

Powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions that keep you connected to the people that matter the most.


Enterprise grade messaging, unified communications and real-time collaboration.

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Cloud enabled unified communications and real-time collaboration for Cisco and Avaya.

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Real-time communication tools embedded inside the browser and cloud applications.

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