Business Outcomes


Developing professional, effective marketing strategies starts with great team collaboration. Whether you employ an internal marketing team, outsource to consultants and agencies or utilize both, great marketing starts with a well-organized and connected team.

Amplify creativity

Creativity can strike at any time.  When you need to share your ideas with others, use Esna’s real-time communication tools help you to find, connect and collaborate with your team with ease.

Create amazing content

Content is king in today’s marketing. Creating the best collateral, sales tools and designs is a team effort. With Esna the tools you use to collaborate with others like video and chat are embedded in the apps you use to create your content.

Work with the best people

At the heart of every great marketing team is the collective creativity of its members. Don’t let different geographies and time zones hinder this greatness. With Esna your team can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere on any device.

Get more done fast

Esna enables you to access unified and real-time communication tools like voice, video, chat and unified messaging inside the marketing automation, productivity and email apps you use everyday to help you get your work done fast.

What we offer

Powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions that keep you connected to the people that matter the most.


Enterprise grade messaging, unified communications and real-time collaboration.

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Cloud enabled unified communications and real-time collaboration for Cisco and Avaya.

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Real-time communication tools embedded inside the browser and cloud applications.

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