Business Outcomes

Human Resources

In today’s geographically dispersed workplace, it’s challenging to keep employees engaged, especially those that are remote or mobile. Creating connected experiences are crucial to an employee's ability to do their job effectively, collaborate with others and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

Create a sense of community

Creating a sense of community can be one of the most effective ways to increase innovation and collaboration. Esna’s real-time collaboration tools provide easy to use resources to help employees inside and outside the office to feel connected.

Work the way you live

Improve employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction by giving them the same kinds of communication and collaboration they use at home like instant messaging and real-time video at work.

Strengthening working relationships

Relying on email as the sole means of communication is ineffective and does little to build working relationships. Encourage face-to-face interaction when possible - even when your teams are virtual and remote with real-time video, web conferencing and instant messaging tools.

Get more done fast

Esna enables your employees to access unified and real-time communication tools like voice, video, chat and unified messaging inside the social and productivity apps your workforce uses everyday to help them stay connected and to get work done fast.

What we offer

Powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions that keep you connected to the people that matter the most.


Enterprise grade messaging, unified communications and real-time collaboration.

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Cloud enabled unified communications and real-time collaboration for Cisco and Avaya.

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Real-time communication tools embedded inside the browser and cloud applications.

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