Business Outcomes


To stay ahead of the game and to keep pace with the sea of change happening with your organization, collaboration can no longer be a “nice to have” philosophy - it is an essential ingredient for organizational growth and success.

Foster disruptive innovation

Innovation and the idea that results in the next big thing can strike at anytime, by anyone in your organization. Don’t let geography, time zones and organizational silos prevent that from happening. With Esna’s real-time communication and collaboration you can create an environment that fosters connectedness and innovation. .

Make the most of meetings

Meetings are simply a part of how we get things done. Some are more productive than others. Embedded communication and collaboration can help you get the most from these meetings, with productivity enhancing tools like presence, click-to-connect, instant messaging and location sharing just to name a few.

Give your teams a choice

As a leader, you have our own style of managing and guiding your team. Your team members also have their own way of accomplishing their tasks. With Esna you can give your team the freedom to choose how they communicate and collaborate with one another, which in turn can improve their work satisfaction and results.

Get more done fast

Esna enables your teams to access unified and real-time communication tools like voice, video, chat and unified messaging inside the apps they use everyday to stay connected and to get work done fast.

What we offer

Powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions that keep you connected to the people that matter the most.


Enterprise grade messaging, unified communications and real-time collaboration.

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Cloud enabled unified communications and real-time collaboration for Cisco and Avaya.

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Real-time communication tools embedded inside the browser and cloud applications.

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