Esna Collaboration Tags

Benefit from real time collaboration capabilities

Research and development teams that create awesome ideas and revenue-generating products and services is crucial to the growth of your business. Constant innovation takes the right leadership and a collaborative team.

Enhance cloud applications and web pages with real-time collaboration capabilities

Esna Collaboration Tags allows you to embed real-time communication and collaboration capabilities such as presence, click-to-call, click-to-video and hovercards inside any cloud application, intranet/portal and custom web page.

Customizable to meet your needs

Esna Collaboration Tags are flexible and can be customized to match the look and theme of the app or web page you are integrating them with. Adjust CSS, icons, colors and more.

Easy to implement

Esna Collaboration Tags are simple, mark-up based declarative HTML tags that do not require any heavy Javascript or complicated API implementations.

Works with most Cloud applications

Esna Collaboration Tags can be added to any cloud app or web page that will not affect browsing experience or performance. Page content dynamically adjusts for presence changes, data additions and real-time call actions


To view sample code and to try out Esna Collaboration Tags, click here